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Downloading all kind of video streams with chromium and cococut

Ever wanted to download some streams from a website but having trouble with it, because they used some nasty HLST streams, splitting or other “magic” to prevent that, even if you paid for it? I had the same problem and tested about 7 plugins and all failed, except one. I was very surprised that cococut downloaded really all the streams. Read more →

Matrix on trustserv, a data friendly whatsapp alternative

Introduction Annoyed of data espionage from big companies? Looking for alternatives? Here is one! And it is called matrix. With matrix you can chat, talk, share files, etc. - just like with WhatsApp, but open source and hosted on my private server. To get started, you need to register first. The registraton process was developed by myself and is in an early stage, but functional and will be improved by time. Read more →


I am very sorry for the mails which got out as spam. Someone registered multiple mail accounts and abused them for spam. Self registration is closed until i get this fixed. Stupid retards makes life hard. As this service is still in an alpha state, its good to get such abuse during alpha state, and not in real production ;) Read more →

Moving to Hugo!

I was pretty annoyed of wordpress. Updates for files/themes/plugins i never used, but where shipped in the default install and have a big bug/vuln/whatever. Or use the distribution shipped version, but then you have to stay with an old (but probably stable and maintained) version. At work i got some information about static site generators, how nice they can be (fast, reliable, easy to move, less resources required, . Read more →

Spam filtering

Because of some problems with some mail accounts (registering for sites where they should not) i was forced to install a spam filter. I did not want to scan mails but i see no other way to get rid of that. As this was a quick-to-install evening yesterday, i could imagine that this can cause some problems. Read more →