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New SSL Certificates for everyone!!11

I replaced my old StartCom SSL certificate with another one (from Comodo now as i dont like the practice StartCom has). Anyway, i am facing some trouble getting the certificate working correctly on mail. I dont know if any other service is affected too. So if you get a warning complaining about an invalid certificate on mail, please check the fingerprint, it should be:

SHA256: 7D:03:38:BF:36:9A:8E:0C:5C:3E:01:34:D7:21:AE:4D:8E:45:EF:0D:ED:EA:61:6E:07:65:72:90:AC:F1:5D:93

SHA1: 88:1C:D1:C4:24:5B:A4:BA:42:B2:89:0A:97:B2:BD:D0:28:60:95:D8

If any other problem occured, please contact me at ed.vrestsurt@ezlo – thanks!

update: solved. I guess my old certificate contained the whole chain – just checked the by postfix shipped certificate which did not resolve to the root CA.