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Downloading all kind of video streams with chromium and cococut

Ever wanted to download some streams from a website but having trouble with it, because they used some nasty HLST streams, splitting or other “magic” to prevent that, even if you paid for it? I had the same problem and tested about 7 plugins and all failed, except one. I was very surprised that cococut downloaded really all the streams. I am not sure how they do it, but it worked like a charm. So here is my little thank you to cococut!

Downloading is quiet easy. Install the chromium extension from, click on the extension in the browser and simply click the download symbol. Thats it - so easy!

But take care how much you download, there is some limitations in the amount of downloads per day. I downloaded a lot and named them wrong, so i thought i just delete all videos and download them again. Nope, there is a daily limit. But thats absolutely reasonable, as they provide also a pro version without that limitation to support them. So if you like the software, go ahead and consider a donation!